"There are no rules for good photographs, there are just good photographs." ~ Ansel Adams

Self Portrait 2023

I'm a retired military guy and Ex-Para living in Charlottesville, Virginia.

I'm a hybrid photo hobbyist, meaning I shoot in film and digitally. I use a Canon A-1 for 35-mm, but mostly use a Nikon D-850 DSLR.

I had three Army Combat Photographers teach me the craft during my first tour in Turkey. Gil, Jim, and Bob forced me to use black and white "because," they told me, "color takes care of you; you have to work hard to get a good black and white photo."

I grew to love Black and White and, you'll see, still prefer it.

I had my own darkroom for a while, but it took too much of my time. I don't miss it, preferring the ease of our modern process. I send my film away to be developed, scan the negatives on my Epson V550 Photo, and adjust my images with Photoshop.

I'm a bit of a Purist. My adjustments are mostly Exposure and Contrast. Anything else begins to look like Graphic Art to me. I like cold and contrasty monochrome images and natural-looking color photos. I believe the low saturation photos so prevalent in today's wedding photos are only a fad. Stop it!

My favorite subjects are my people. I try to capture how I see them. I think it was Francesco Scavullo who said that you must love a person to take a good photo of them. I believe this is true.

If I have a "style," I would call it "Journalistic." I try to document who I know, where I go, and what I see . . . to remember.

On this site are a few of my images, taken when the stars aligned, which I believe to be "good photographs."